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Group Info

The purpose of this group is to Unite fans of the 'My Little Pony' Franchise, not divide them.

so, This Fan Club is for those who love both 'Friendship is Magic' AND 'Equestria Girls'

a place where the Ponies, and their Humanized counterparts all have a home, and are loved.

So, Let's all spread the Love..NOT the Hate.
Founded 3 Years ago
Nov 21, 2013


Group Focus
Fan Club

229 Members
239 Watchers
27,977 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Commission - Gloria Daisy Cheerleader by MetalDudePL666
Commission - Commemorativ Photo from Japan by MetalDudePL666
Buckball Season Review (Link to review below) by Sonic2125
DJ kisser by cg1995
Bonnie Zacherle
Bonnie Zacherle by Frank-Seven
An artist is born... by suzie-chan
The Creator of MLP Holding Fausticorn by Beavernator
Welcome the New Generation by WillisNinety-Six
Lauren Faust
Lauren Faust - in Equestria Girls style by Canterlotian
Out Tobogganing by Beavernator
Regal Mother - Lauren Faust by Lionheartcartoon
Mother Faust by drawponies
Princess Celestia
Expectation by Coke-brother
Celestia 140416 by Maytee
AGC Celestia by Osipush
Sun Goddess by jay156
Princess Luna
[MLP] Princess Luna's Future (Anime Version) by Yitsune-Melody
Luna by Godoffury
Foxy Princess by Alasou
Monitoring by Coke-brother
Mayor Mare
mayor mare revectorized by Kna
Twilight Sparkle
Princess Twilight Sparkle by Canterlotian
Flash and Twilight_just a dream by jucamovi1992
Cheerleader Twilight Sparkle (Human) by MetalDudePL666
Mystic Star by Katlove125
Rainbow Dash
Sexy Cheerleader Rainbow Dash by MetalDudePL666
Art Trade - Kickboxing RD by MetalDudePL666
MLP Rainbow dash Shadowbolt by YulianaPie26
The New Recruit! by ShutterflyEQD
MLP Applejack custom Story part 5 by wolfmarian
MLP Applejack custom Story part 3 by wolfmarian
MLP Applejack custom Story part 2 by wolfmarian
Coming back to 70's (You should be dancing) by DotAandMe
Fluttershy New Outfit by MetalDudePL666
Sexy Cheerleader Fluttershy by MetalDudePL666
Flutter Brutter Review (Link to video below) by Sonic2125
Can You Fix My Mane? by ShutterflyEQD
Rarity - Let's Dance by PhantomShadow051
Rarity as Leonard Snart robber of atm by Deidrax
Gift of the Maud Pie Review (Link below) by Sonic2125
Ponies of the Future - Rarity by Canterlotian
Spike in Battle Uniform (Colored) by edCOM02
Mlp Spike Equestrian Dragon Prince by Siluntwolf
Mega Spike X Transformation by ElijahZx360
Pokemon Metalizard Dragon Of Metal Storyboard 17 by ElijahZx360
Mare Do Well
Anthro Mare Do Well, Lineart by MetroXLR99
Mysterious Mare Do Well by Khuzang
Mare Do Well, the Pony Knight by Rautakoura
Mare-do-well poster by LordBojangles
Jr Y Las Cmc by cg1995
Dreams Do Come True! by ShutterflyEQD
I'm  Awesome Like That by kuren247
Sweetie Belle
Bear Hug by ShutterflyEQD
Why Does Life Have To Be So Ironic!?! - Humified  by TheLivingDictionary
All Grown Up-Sweetie Belle by TheLivingDictionary
What A Sweetie 3 by TheLivingDictionary
Request - Pregnant Scootaloo EQG by MetalDudePL666
Ok! Now I'm  P#%@d by kuren247
How it Should Have Been by TheLivingDictionary
Scootaloo- I'm NOT a Chicken! by TheLivingDictionary
Nightmare Moon
Beautiful Nightmare by PainterPon3
Obey Me Remake! LIL WOONAH!!!! by RoboCop17
Mourning moon by EpicCrasher
Nightmare moon (Equestria girls) by EpicCrasher
Solar Flare
Solar Flare by CuTTyCommando
The fateful moment. by BeastyxLightning
.: Rainbow Power - Nightmare Rarity :. by ASinglePetal
More Nightmare Rarity by UlyssesGrant
Reflection by frostykat13
Discords mother. by wolfmarian
That was the beginning to my curse. by hendocrinogeno
My Little Pony- Reforming 101 (contest entry) by Dalia1784
Chaotic Baby Discord! by RoboCop17
Queen Chrysalis
Chasing the Emperor by eagc7
celebrate by Coke-brother
The Queen and her Minions by Shimazun
Merry Chrysmas by ZuTheSkunk
King Sombra
Sombra's pet ? by Pony-from-Everfree
King Sombra by Ripped-ntripps
This isn't want I wanted, but it's for the best by Obeliskgirljohanny
Making History by Krossan
Adagio Dazzle
Adagio Dazzle Leader of the Dazzlings by SondowverDarKRose
Adagio Dazzle as Vampire by clubpenguin1
Adagio Portrait  by KikunaPie
Love Transcends by SkycatcherEquestria
Aria Blaze
Spiders and Magic - A Siren's Lament by edCOM02
Aria Blaze hoding a cake by TwiBubblegum
Aria Blaze as Vampire by clubpenguin1
Aria's Valentine by dcb2art
Sonata Dusk
195th Guatemala Independence day...Ft.Sonata Dusk? by DotAandMe
Commission - Sonata Space by MetalDudePL666
[SFM] Alone in mental hospital. by Raptor3595
Sonata Dusk as Vampire by clubpenguin1
Sunset Shimmer
Sunset, Inc. by Pony4Koma
Sunset Shimmer V2 by ToonAlexSora007
Sunset's Axe kick (FG) by ToonAlexSora007
Sunset Shimmer Bike Pic by SarahMyriaCarter
Sunset Satan
TaW #37: My Little Pony: Explosive Glare by TourniquetMuffin
Angels and Demons by Beavernator
Twilight Sparkle vs Sunset Shimmer EG by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Midnight Sparkle
[Lumic4] Light-Princess Midnight-Sparkle by Light262
Midnight Sparkle by Janji009
Midnight Twilight Sparkle by xXUltimateNozic90Xx
Midnight Sparkle by Magister39
mane iac EG by cg1995
Tresemme (aka Mane-iac) by Vector-Brony
Anthro Mane-Iac, Lineart by MetroXLR99
The Mane-iac by Vector-Brony
Trixie Lulamoon
EG Trixie Vector #3 by GreenMachine987
EG Trixie Vector #2 by GreenMachine987
Glum Trixie by ShutterflyEQD
Sad Trixie by jay156
Gilda Gryphon
Commission For weirdkev-27 by SatoshiTakeo
Gilda the griffon My Little Pony plush by KetikaCraft
Little Plush Gilda SOLD by RufousCat
The Griffin and the Mock Turtle by JoeyWaggoner
Lightning Dust
Who Is Faster by Deidrax
Catch Me If You Can by Deidrax
Goodbye Dash I guess you weren't FAST ENOUGH by Deidrax
Egotistical Show Off by kuren247
Starlight Glimmer
Request - Pregnant Starlight Glimmer EQG by MetalDudePL666
Art Trade - Flame Thrower meet Pregnant Starlight by MetalDudePL666
Stralight glimmer: the water is cold by Albinosumpreme10987
Meet Spitfire! by ShutterflyEQD
Babs Seed
Babs Seed~ Past-Future (Request) by ChibiAndyChan
Wowza i got my cutie mark! by kuren247
= Babs Seed by kuren247
Babs Seed Babs Seed What You Gonna Do by SondowverDarKRose
Iron Will
Doctor Stable
Nurse Redheart by harwicks-art
Aloe and Lotus Blossom
Pony Portrait Project -- Aloe and Lotus by EclairRose
lotus's Flank by kuren247
Aloe's Flank by kuren247
Cheese Sandwich
Welcome Back, Old Friend by HufflepuffRave
cheese sandwich -mlp- by RainbowShine94
The super-duper party pony by kuren247
Cheese Sandwich by FALExD
Marble and Limestone - Blinky and Inkie Pie
(first try) Gaze at the adorableness by kuren247
(first try) The adorable baby pie sister by kuren247
Pinkie pie sisters -A old foto- by Godoffury
The Rock Family - Mspaint by SJArt117
Maud Pie
Good ol' Maud by kuren247
Prinzessin Maud by Canterlotian
Get Your Rocks Off REMAKE by RoboCop17
maud pie love Discord equestria girls by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Boxing You vs Zecora by Jose-Ramiro
Commission: Alone In The Forest by ZuTheSkunk
Arcana MLP - The High Priestess II by Madness-with-Reason
Zecora Eg by cg1995
Snips and Snails
Yes Do It XD by SondowverDarKRose
MC Snips and DJ Snazzy Snails by SondowverDarKRose
Daring Do
Why did it have to be crocodiles... by Pony-from-Everfree
Daring Do by VazquezG19
Daring Do by ToonAlexSora007
Discord VS Ahuizotl by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Flash Sentry
Flash Sentry plays a song by jucamovi1992
Flash Sentry_Legend of everfree by jucamovi1992
Sandalwood carries Flash Sentry by jucamovi1992
Flash Sentry drawing by jucamovi1992
Carrot Cake and Cup Cake
Family Photos: The Cakes by Astringe
Pound and Pumpkin Cake
Pound and Pumpkin Cake plushies SOLD by SunflowerTiger
Just Like Family by Emkay-MLP
Poor Unfortunate Things by Biosonic100
The Show Stopper by Xulious
Cranky Doodle Donkey and Matilda
Granny Smith
Young Granny Smith by Stabzor
Granny Smith revectorized by Kna
Big Mac
One Hard Day's Work by ShutterflyEQD
BABSCon 2015 Poster: Peter New by GamerSpax
Pony Portrait Project -- Country Man Big Macintosh by EclairRose
EG Big Mcintosh by Camra17
Braeburn of the Apples by SondowverDarKRose
Little Strongheart
Ms. Peachbottom
ROTUNDA?! by DrewTiptonArt
Ms. Cheerilee
Cherilee Life Is A Runway by cg1995
Cherilee Eg by cg1995
Pony Portrait Project- Cheerilee Correcting Papers by EclairRose
Cheerilee Found The Happy Pills by masemj
Ms. Harshwhinny
Well That Was Unexpected by ShutterflyEQD
Peek-a-boo by Missbeigepony
Harshwhinny Happy? by MysteryFanBoy718
Ms. Harshwhinny is Not Amused by SNX11
Doctor Whooves
Space and Time by PainterPon3
The badass time lord by kuren247
Derpy and Doctor Whooves by DrewTiptonArt
(vectored) derpy expression (reach for the muffin) by kuren247
Derpy Hooves - Ditzy Doo
Derpy by Cheerfulcolors
Painter by Maytee
Derpy Scarf by mysticalpha
derpy and the muffins(Resquet) for 3D4D by cg1995
Harmony Crusaders: Dinky Doo by schwarzekatze4
Carrot Top-Golden Harvest
MMDxMLP Carrot Top DL by mizuki12341
Pony Portrait Project -- Too Windy For Carrot-Top by EclairRose
Daughter of Discord - Equestria Girls - Episode 2 by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
my daddy discord - my mommy Derpy by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Screwball by Heart-Of-Stitches
the birth of Screwball by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Mystery Mint
rockeros vs technologicos by cg1995
Mystery Mint Eg by cg1995
4 The Rock by SondowverDarKRose
Mystery - Equestria Girls - Running Wild - Mspaint by SJArt117
Elaina - Button Mash's Mother
Button Mash's family [Request] by Mythilas
Good Night Button sweetie.. by RenateThePony
Button's Mom EG by FerroKiva
Night Light and Twilight Velvet
Mother by Geomancing
Mother's Day by treez123
Mrs Star Sparkle by Blackm3sh
The Legend of Nyx by Beavernator
Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quartz
The Rock Family - Mspaint by SJArt117
Mother's Day by Frank-Seven
Magnum and Pearl
Rainbow Blitz and Firefly
Firefly and Dashie by Ziemniax
We're Expecting by AquaticNeon
Family of Dashes by 9CentsChange
hit the glass by kuren247
Shining Armor
Best Father Ever by ShutterflyEQD
Shycedes and Armbert de Morcerf by Pony-from-Everfree
Shining Armor Eg by cg1995
Cadence And Shining Armor by unicornsmile
Princess Cadence
Dean Cadence in Normal Outfit by MetalDudePL666
Princess Cadence by Cheerfulcolors
[Lumic4]-Light- Princess Cadence and Flurry Heart by Light262
Cadence Sede De Los Juegos by cg1995
Prince Blueblood
Fancy Pants by MadisonLossen
Fleur de Lis
Fleur De Lys by MadisonLossen
Sapphire Shores
sapphire shores traje de baile EG by cg1995
sapphire shores aerobicsEG by cg1995
Suri Polomare
Coco Pommel
MLP -Equestria Girls - the saddle row rewiew by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
BABScon 2015 Poster: Cathy Weseluck by GamerSpax
Are you hiring anypony? by kuren247
Coco Pommel's Flank by kuren247
Cherry Jubilee
Photo Finish
photo finish y las snapshots (Resquet) 3D4D by cg1995
Snapshots Show by cg1995
Photo Finish and the Snapshots by SondowverDarKRose
Photo finish Eg by cg1995
Hoity Toity
Brae And Spit by cg1995
The Amazing Captain by kuren247
Spitfire Leader Of The Wonderbolts by SondowverDarKRose
(Request) Oh stop, you're making me blush :) by kuren247
Fleetfoot as Quicksilver by Deidrax
The Suspect Is On Fleetfoot by SondowverDarKRose
(first try) Badass Soarin by kuren247
Soarin Royal Wedding Vector by StarshineCelestalis
Cat is stuck on a tree. Better call the airforce. by GlancoJusticar
Flitter and Cloudchaser
Cloudchaser by VazquezG19
Commission: My Little Plushie Flitter by RufousCat
Pony Portrait Project - Cloudkicker Kicking Clouds by EclairRose
Bulk Biceps
Rarity And Bulk Biceps - Life is a Runway - by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Snowflake Showing Off His Bulk Biceps by SondowverDarKRose
Bulk Biceps by SondowverDarKRose
Violin Smash! by Amante56
Vinyl Scratch
Shes Not My Enemy by cg1995
Topandose Por Segunda Vez by cg1995
encuentro sorpresa by cg1995
Vs + Nl by cg1995
Octavia Melody
I'm glad you like my music by kuren247
Octavia's new hairdo by dcb2art
MMDxMLP-Octavia by mizuki12341
COMMISSION: Octavia 10 inches plushie by SunflowerTiger
Lyra Heartstrings
Lyra Heartstrings' idle by ToonAlexSora007
Why hello there cutie! by HellArmy
Lyra vs Bon Bon Headshot by comedyestudios
Lyra Heartstrings vs Bon Bon by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Bon Bon
Sweetie Drops' idle by ToonAlexSora007
Drops, Sweetie Drops by jay156
Vewwy Sowwy by kuren247
Sweetie Drops Life Is A Runway by cg1995
Berry Punch-Berryshine
Pony Portrait Project -- Punch for Berry Punch by EclairRose
Screw Loose
The lost screw by MadHotaru
Screw Loose by Psyxofthoros
Colgate (Minuette) Plush FOR SALE by RufousCat
Pony Portrait Project -- The Colgate Hop by EclairRose
Caramel by VazquezG19
Carameljack by cg1995
Wild Fire
Wildly Adorable by kuren247
I'M NOT ANGRY, DO I LOOK ANGRY!? by kuren247
(gift) Wildfire is overjoyed by kuren247
(Un)Usual Tea Party (100th deviation, YAY!) by Ambassad0r
Flim and Flam
FA: The World Famous Flim Flam Brothers by CapitainSmiffy
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon
Just a Silver Spoon by dracul8r
How Do You Like Me Now? by kuren247
[MLP] ....Thank You.... by TwilyTrinky
Equalized Diamond Tiara  and Silver Spoon by kuren247
Button Mash
(first try) Cute as a buttion by kuren247
Button Mash by cg1995
Up all night getting to cloud level Title card by Jowybean
Ruby Pinch
Celestia's Guards
lieutenant Iron hooves remastered by night-fire123
lieutenant Iron hooves by night-fire123
Luna's Guards
MLP - Changing of the Guard (Rough Lineart) by MetroXLR99
The Wonderbolts my style by Obeliskgirljohanny
Sunny Flare by Cyber-murph
Lemon Zest by Cyber-murph
Indigo Zap by Cyber-murph
Sugarcoat by Cyber-murph
Other Creatures
Foul Mouthed Boffypuff by Cartoon-Eric
Countess Coloratura Is a Great Singer by SondowverDarKRose
Human Sassy Saddles by DarkBerryArt
Smooze Can Be Your Friend by SondowverDarKRose
Grouped Characters
+Apples in Fall+ by Kelsea-Chan
Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle - Listen to This!! by PhantomShadow051
We Are Family! by ShutterflyEQD
Ticklish Scootaloo by ShutterflyEQD
MLP - Timey Wimey page69 by Light262
MLP - Timey Wimey page67 by Light262
You're so by jucamovi1992
MLP - Timey Wimey page65 by Light262
Journal Entries
Commision - Console Command - Genderswap by MetalDudePL666
[Dormin-and-Light] Contest entry ponyfolies 2016 by Light262
Aphrodite by jucamovi1992
Commission - Midnight Devilwitch Volleyball Player by MetalDudePL666
Genderbent Characters
Meet Garnet Jewel and Christine by T-mack56
Meet Bright Shine and Poppy Pin by T-mack56
Flare Warden Portrait by T-mack56
DuskFlare: Under The Mistletoe by T-mack56
Sci Twi is taking care of Flurry Heart by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Summer Sun Fun by ShutterflyEQD
Yay Mud! by ShutterflyEQD
Cute Sisters Forever by ShutterflyEQD
Trade - Matt and Rainbow by MetalDudePL666
(Art Trade) Gazing at a sparkling beauty by kuren247
TwiBubblegum Holding  by TwiBubblegum
TwiBubblegum Bubblekiss  by TwiBubblegum
Trade - Love After Jogging by MetalDudePL666
KilalaPanVerse2: Buck Wheat by Broohan
Make Out Time by cg1995
Love Triangle by jucamovi1992
Lisa Ship Sci-twi And Flash Sentry by cg1995
EGMCU - Equestria Girls: Civil War by PhantomShadow051
Same but Different by Broohan
You're gonna want to see this zap by Deidrax
Surprise!! by VazquezG19
First Brony by Chano-kun
Posey by Chano-kun
Firefly by Chano-kun
Bases and References
lemon feel sad by cg1995
Twilight Base S05E23 ..MOVED.. by Kodretta
Twilight Sparkle Base S05E22 ..MOVED.. by Kodretta
Anthro Blossom Forth Base ..MOVED.. by Kodretta

Mature Content

PregnanTwi - Pony - Equestria girl by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
The Fault In Our Cutie Marks -Equestria Girls by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Radne_Legend of Everfree by jucamovi1992
Piscis_Legend of Everfree by jucamovi1992

The Rules and Guidelines

Here are the group rules and Guidelines.
Just follow them, and we'll be just fine.

#1. NO Mature Content.

Censored and PG-13 content is okay, but NO Porn/Smut
or, anything horrendously gory and severely violent.

#2. No Racism

That means no offensive jokes regarding Zebras,
or, even people of various nationality and religious views

#3. No Hate Art.

The purpose of this group is Love, not Hatred.
so, no 'Anti-Equestria Girls" or 'Anti-Alicorn Twilight' content.

#4. "Friendship is Diversity"

Remember, we all have are particular Like and Dislikes,
so, not everyone will have the same viewpoint as you.

Respect other people's differing opinions,
and, don't insult/assault somebody just because they disagree with you.

and, especially no using profanity when speaking to others

SOME people don't appreciate that.


If I find out somebody is attacking someone for no reason but to be mean,
then, you will be Banned from the group until further notice.

#6. NO Art Thieves.

If it becomes known that you stolen artwork has been submitted
not only will the deviation be removed, the Art Thief in question will be banned.

Art Theft is a crime that WILL NOT be tolerated.
I've noticed that quite a few members have been leaving the group.

I really don't like this.
So, I am open to any present members to make suggestions
in how to improve this group, and/or try and invite more members to join as well.

Really, I just want to make this place better for everyone.
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